Elicit emotion

We can all elicit emotion in people whether intentionally or not. It’s possible to elicit admiration in many ways. A person can be admired for something that they’ve achieved in their life, or the way that they have coped with a stressful situation. A person may also be admired for dressing with a certain style and panache.

One way to elicit mystery is not to reveal much about oneself. This doesn’t mean that a person needs to be bland and unemotional, but they just may be secretive about their life and their background, for instance. This can be an attractive quality in someone who is obviously gifted, as it may seem that they’re being modest about their abilities and achievements.

angry man

A more basic way to elicit emotion is through making someone angry.

A more basic way to elicit emotion is through making someone angry. This can be done particularly by knowing what someone is sensitive about, and then using that knowledge in a negative way. We can, of course, elicit emotion by just sincerely voicing an opinion, which other people may strongly disagree with. What one person regards as a harmless, but honest opinion, may be viewed as provocative by someone else.

Along with anger, humour is an emotion that can be easy to elicit. Nobody wants to appear humourless, so telling a joke can elicit emotion from many people – even if some are just laughing along with the crowd. Consequently, when you elicit emotion that emotion may not always be genuine.

To elicit an emotion such as love is not straightforward. It’s natural to love family, friends, pets, but we can’t force someone to love us. Whereas it’s not often difficult to make someone angry with us, trying to make them love us is somewhat different. The more we try and elicit emotion, in the case of love, the more likely we are going to make a negative impression on the person concerned.

There are some people we will be unable to elicit emotion from hardly at all. They may just have a neutral type of personality, with nothing bringing them down too much, or giving them a real high.

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