Elicit curiosity

Some people can elicit curiosity from others just by being themselves. Others will deliberately try and cultivate a mysterious image by not revealing much about themselves.


young woman wearing a black Venetian mask

People who are naturally reserved may well elicit curiosity from others without even trying.

People who are naturally reserved may well elicit curiosity from others without even trying. The desire to know more about someone can be heightened if there is something particularly noticeable and interesting about them. The way someone looks is normally a sure way of provoking people’s curiosity, and dressing in a bold way can be a way someone conceals their shyness. To deliberately elicit curiosity can also involve someone radically changing how they dress. If the person concerned has previously dressed in a conservative way, then the sudden change is bound to elicit curiosity.

Sometimes a person who is mysterious can elicit fear. To elicit emotion in the first place there needs to be something that prompts a reaction. A secretive person can fuel people’s imaginations, which can ultimately end in provoking fear. A person who is a mystery will often be approached warily, because how they react will be hard to determine. Time can actually make a person even more mysterious. What may have seen like an initial and natural reluctance to engage with strangers won’t be so easy to explain away weeks or months later.

If someone reveals a lot about themselves they can still elicit curiosity by the things that they don’t reveal. A person may say that they used to live in a wonderful country and go into great detail about why they loved the country so much. But, if they don’t mention why they left that country then that will elicit curiosity.

When someone deliberately tries to elicit curiosity this can backfire if it prompts people to start probing into that person’s personal affairs. It can often be wise to not reveal much about oneself, especially when in a new environment, but trying to be overly secretive can create an unfavourable impression, too. Some may think that you’re being unfriendly, or that you have something to hide – and then being mysterious doesn’t seem such a good idea.

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