Elicit admiration

One of the keys to success in our business and personal lives is having the ability to elicit admiration on those around us. Indeed, this coincides quite well with the maxim “It is not what you know, but who you know.” If we can elicit admiration from our friends, colleagues and loved ones, they in turn will help us in achieving our loftiest desires. However, this is often times easier said than done, so let us look at a few ways to increase our likability.


This trait is frequently lacking in today’s world. If we are sincere in our deeds and actions, then those around us are likely to be honest in return. This integrity of character can speak volumes for the type or person we are and will also help us associate with others who share a similar respect for the truth. As they say, “Birds of a feather flock together”. This is an excellent way to elicit admiration.

Maintain a Strong, Yet Gentle Presence

Although we always desire to elicit emotion in people, we never want to elicit fear in those same people. Therefore, it is important to achieve a balance between strength of character and overpowering those around us. Strength is respected and can elicit admiration, and if this attribute is then blended with modesty and the ability to empathise with our fellow man (and woman), we will be seen as gentle yet committed to our principles.

Fashion photo of beautiful lady in elegant evening dress

Our visual appearance can silently elicit admiration in others.

Dress to Impress

Visual impressions are some of the most powerful that can be made. While we may possess all of the charm and charisma in the world, if we dress poorly we will certainly not elicit admiration. We should dress as our surroundings dictate, yet always strive to accentuate our positive aspects while downplaying certain physical traits we may not be proud of. Thus, our visual appearance can silently elicit admiration in others.

These are only a few ways to elicit admiration in our friends and loved ones. As with any behaviour, the more we practice these tips, the easier it will become to engender both respect and a genuine rapport with those we come in contact with.

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